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The Aviationizing Program

To Join The Aviation Club: Simply send your name, to WhatsApp +923330866166
and request to add you in the WhatsApp Group.

Aviationizing Club is established to promote Aviation through learning and fun activities for all students from 5th grade & above to professionals and aviation enthusiasts of all ages!

The Aviationizing Club

The Aviationizing Club is open to all aviation lovers. It also for those who want to learn, participate, contribute and help in the growth of our society, and our nation.

Aviationizing Club is a platform to share knowledge and information. Aviationizing Club also arranges aviation related activates, like Virtual Reality flying experience and training, powered gliding (sports flying) and arranged field visit to aviation related organizations.

Information on free seminars, discounted workshops, symposiums, lectures on essential soft skills and aviation related topics of interest are also offered by the Aviationizing Club to it’s members.

The Aviationizing Club


The objective of the Aviationizing Club is to make youngsters aware of the potential of aviation, guide youngsters for aviation related educational options, and to recommend career paths within the global aviation business World.

Flying Activities

Discounts on flying activities where applicable



Badge, Card, Caps and other items of interest available to members.

VR Simulator

Discounts on VR Simulator commercial and fighter aircraft

Free Lectures

Discounts on flying activities where applicable

Extracurricular Activities

The Aviators offers a variety of Extracurricular activities.

  • Discounts on VR Simulator commercial and fighter aircraft.
  • Visit to Karachi Aero Club.
  • Powered Gliding.
  • Seminars on Aviation Related projects.